September 16-17, 2017


York College Athletics complex, New York.


11 Renowned Speakers/67 Performers


You are cordially invited to attend the Jalalabad World Sylhet Convention in New York on September 16 and 17, 2017.

As you may know that since 1875 Sylhet district was isolated from Bengal province and was added to Assam province in British India. This unfortunate isolation also had its virtuous effect on the psyche of Sylheti people of all religions. Being a minority community in the large Assamese population, Sylheti people concentrated their effort to enrich the community with education, social, literary and cultural excellence. This not only improved the economy, education, social atmosphere, religious tolerance but also significantly flourished with very rich cultural and musical revolution in both Hindu and Muslim communities. Most importantly due to many historical reasons both major communities remained united by love and harmony despite dispersed throughout the countries due to many geographical and political changes over more than 100 years. Its value is recognized in recent year and few conventions were hosted in Kolikata and Shilchar in India and Dhaka and Sylhet in Bangladesh. This ethnology inspired us to hold a Jalalabad World Sylhet Convention to celebrate the unique spirit of love and heritage beyond religious and geographical boundaries and disseminate the essence to the future generation for a better world.

The Jalalabad Association of America, New York, is a nonprofit organization arranging this convention as a community service for celebration of the cultural heritage of Sylhet. No remuneration is being paid to the participants. We are going to host this two days program in the heart of New York City, at the York College Athletics Complex.

Your presence, meeting others and sharing the unique tradition of Sylhet will be highly appreciated by the global Sylheti community at the convention.


Badrul Hussain Khan
Jalalabad Association of America
Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed
Jalalabad World Sylhet Convention
Jewel Chowdhury
General Secretary,
Jalalabad Association of America
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10:00 AM: Opening of all the stalls
11:00 AM to Noon: Welcome by Jalalabad Association of America and Introduction of guests from all over the world. Coordinated by Badrul Husain Khan, President of Jalalabad Association of America, Jewel Chowdhury, Secretary of Jalalabad Association of America, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, Convener of the World Sylhet Convention and Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury Shefaz, Secretary of the World Sylhet Convention.
12:05 PM to 12:30 PM: Panel discussions on Social responsibilities: Dr. Mushtaqur Raza Chowdhury vice chairman of BRAC, Mr. Monzur Choudhury (USA). Ahmad Al Kabir, Founder Simanthik. Coordinator: Rasheda K, Choudhury Ex. Advisor care taker Government.
12:35 AM to 01:10 PM: Sylhet’s environment and climate issue” by BEN‘s founder Dr. Nazrul Islam, BEN’s NY coordinator Fazlur Rahman, activist Bazlul M Khasru (Sunamganj), BAPA Sylhet coordinator Abdul Karim Kim.
01:15 PM to 01:30 PM: "Future Sylhet" by Dr. AKA Momen, Ex. Bangladesh ambassador to UN.
01:40 PM to 02:10 PM: Panel discussion by young entrepreneurs: Nicki Muqtadir, CFO of Vault, NY (on Career Counselling in the financial sector), Farzana Chowdhury Managing Director Green Delta Bangladesh (Young leadership in Bangladesh), Shahab Ahmed IT, NY (How to improve IT sector in Sylhet), Mansur Ali Jishan (Bangladesh) a PhD student on Ocean science at Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ (New way to predict impact of Cyclone), Pranab Banik, Brandeis University, MA (Sustainable international Development and Keeping up social justice). Coordinator, Nilu Chowdhury, a PhD student.
02:20 PM to 02:40 PM: Journey to the forgotten roots” by Sabirul Islam, UK. Young entrepreneur, Author and Global Speaker.
02:45 PM to 03:15 PM: Panel discussions on “Medical research and Medical mission”  Professor Mohammed Saduzzaman Chowdhury, chief of Urology NYMC, Professor Mohammed Badruzzaman, Pathology, Professor Hyder Ali, research scientist University of Pennsylvania, Professor Bimol Dey, Harvard Medical College, Boston, Professor Ziauddin Ahmed, Drexel University, Philadelphia. Chair: Bangladesh National Professor Dr. Shaila Khatun.
03:20 PM to 04:00 PM: Tufail Sami, President Jalalabad Association Dhaka, Krishna Das President, All India Sylhet Shommelini, Hafiz A Majumdar, Chairman, Red Crescent Bangladesh, Nasir A Chowdhury, Advisor, Green Delta, (Bangladesh), Bijoy Krishna Das, editor, Daily Jugoshankho, India. Dr. Shantanu Das, NY, Pasha Khondokar, UK and other guests.
04:10 PM to 05:10 PM: Official Opening ceremony: Introduction: Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, Convener of the Convention Welcome Speech: Mr. Badrul Hussain Khan, President, Jalalabad Association of America. Jewel Chowdhury, Organizer and Secretary of Jalalabad Association. Coordinator: Rana Ferdous Formal opening events by the guests Introduction of country representatives, Honorees and Patrons. Speech by Chief Guest Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. Speech by Guest of honor Dr. Kali Pradip Choudhury and Major General (rt) CR Dutta.   Cultural program by host country USA. Directed by Rahat Muqtadir and Fuad al-Muqtadir. Artists: Shantoneel Dhar, Salahuddin Ahmed, Sonia Lasmin Laboni, Mukta Choudhury, Chandrika Dey and Tajul Imam.
05:20 PM to 05:40 PM: Lecture: “ Tech innovation in  Bangladesh” Mohammed Ataul Karim, PhD. Provost, executive vice chancellor, and Chief operating officer of the University Of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
05:50 PM to 06:10 PM: Cultural event: Songs by Dulal Bhowmick, NY.
06:15 PM to 06:30 PM: Songs by Shantonnel Dhar, NY.
06:40 PM to 07:00 PM: সিলেটের ভাষা এবং সংস্কৃতি: একটি অবলোকন Professor Dr. Amolendu Chakrovarty, Head of the Bengali department at University of Guahati, Assam, India.
07:05 PM to 07:20 PM: Songs by Goury Chowdhury, United Kingdom.
07:25 PM to 07:45 PM: Memory of Shadin Bangla Betar: Kaderi Kibria, USA and Dr. Arup Ratan Chowdhury, Bangladesh.
07:55 PM to 08:15 PM: Songs: Shuvro Deb, Bangladesh.
08:15 PM to 08:30 PM: Songs: Shimul Zaman and Shuvro Dev
08:35 PM to 08:55 PM: Performance by an Odissi dancer Sonali Acharjee from India. (Gunnies World record holder).
09:00 PM to 10:00 PM: Visiting famous Indian Cultural group the “Kaya Band”


Seminar Room: “Surma”

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM: Focusing on Social responsibility: A short Video: “The journey of Optimist”.
05:10 PM: Tribute to three poets and scholar. Ashoke Bijoy Raha, Amitabh Chowdhury and Dilwar by Tamijuddin Ludi, Shamshad Hussam, Fakir Ilius, Kazi Atiq, Shaheen Ibn Dilwar and Subroto Biswas.

Seminar Room: “Borak”

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM: Movie ‘Bhatir Purush” life sketch of Baul Shah Abdul Karim by a famous international cultural personality Shakur Majid (Bangladesh).
Noon to 01:00 PM: Movie on “Sylheti Nagri” by Mustafa Selim.
01:00 PM: Award wining, first Sylheti language Movie “Boirati” by Shakur Majid.
03:20 PM to 03:50 PM: Importance of mainstream politics”. Attorney Moin Chowdhury, Activist Fakhrul Islam Delwar, Professor Abdus Shahid, College of New Jersey
07:30 PM: কাব্য জলসা; Coordinator: Tamijuddin Ludi.

09:30 AM to 10:30 AM: Opening
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM: Speech by guests
11:35 AM to 11:55 AM: Memory lane
12:00 PM to 12:35 PM: Topic: “Shaping the future of Bangladesh in context of sustainable Development agenda” Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, an eminent economist of Bangladesh.
12:40 PM to 01:00 PM: Panel discussions: Cultural heritage: Sylheti Nagri by Mustafa Selim (Bangladesh), Enam Chowdhury (Bangladesh), Raktim Das (India). coordinator; Minhaj Ahmed, A cultural activist (NY)
01:05 PM to 01:40 PM: Young leaderships: Panel discussions by Imran Ahmed ESQ, Assistant Attorney General of NY state, Nahreen Ahmed, MD Critical care and Pulmonary Medicine specialist , University of Pennsylvania, Jami Hafiz VP of Precision spine, USA (How to be a part of emerging technology). Jaglul Huda Mithu, NY (Keys to set up small business), a young entrepreneur. NY, Coordinator Syeda Hossian Peltz, MD Gastroenterologist, Long island, NY.
01:50 PM to 02:05 PM: Inspire 1 Million: purpose of existence” by Sabirul Islam, UK. Young entrepreneur, Author and Global Speaker.
02:10 PM to 02:40 PM: Bangla language movement and Bangladesh’s Liberation war: contribution by Sylheti people (A tribute to General Osmany). Author and researcher Tajul Mohammed from Canada, Author and Journalist Nazrul Islam Bashon, UK, Freedom fighter Major Gen (rtd) Azizur Rahman, Bir Uttom (Bangladesh), Professor Amolendu Chakrovarty, University of Guahati, India, Coordinator: Saud Chowdhury, a cultural activist (NY).
02:45 PM to 03:00 PM: A Tribute: In memory of Shah Abdul Karim and Kalika Prosad Bhatcharjee by Chandrika Dey.
03:10 PM to 03:25 PM: Dhamail Dance (A tribute to Radhaa Raman) Directed by Shitesh Dhar.
03:30 PM to 03:45 PM: Munipuri Pung Cholom (Drum Dance): by Jagannath Lairenjam, NY.
03:55 PM to 04:15 PM: Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam, Department of English, Dhaka University “Sylhet's literary heritage and its future”. (A tribute to Syed Mujtaba Ali).
04:25 PM to 04:40 PM: Folk songs: Shabu Shah, Canada.
04:45 PM to 05:50 PM: A Movie premiere: a musical documentary on history and heritage of Sylhet “সিলেটের পাঁচালি Written by Ahmed Bokul (Bangladesh), directed by Nazrul Kabir (NY).
06:00 PM to 06:15 PM: Dance drama By Young artist of NY, Directed by Rini DasGupta
06:20 PM to 06:55 PM: A cultural journey :(লোক আঙিনায় সিলেটের রমণী) Piyali Dey, Dr. Dipta Dey, Bipasha Dasgupta, Papiya Roy, Shuvra Guha. By South Kolikata Sylhet Association.
07:00 PM to 07:10 PM: Dance drama By Young artist of NY, Directed by Rini DasGupta
07:20 PM to 07:35 PM: Classical songs: Roni Printice-Roy, a cultural activist, Canada.
07:40 PM to 07:55 PM: A Tribute to Pandit Ram Kanai Das by Kaberi Das and Paromita Das Mumu.
08:00 PM to 08:20 PM: A Tribute to Hasan Raja: by Bangladeshi famous singer Selim Chowdhury.
08:30 PM to 08:50 PM: Subir Nandi, Bangladesh.
09:30 PM to 09:20 PM: A tribute to Bidit lal Das by Himangshu Goswami, a famous singer from UK.
09:25 PM to 09:45 PM: A tribute to Sylheti Heritage: Jamaluddin Hasan Banna, a famous singer and activist from Sylhet.
09:50 PM: A famous singer of India Ruponkor.
10:15 PM: Closing ceremony.


Seminar Room: “Surma”

Noon to 01:00 PM: সিলেটের মরমী সাধক বর্তমান সাংকৃতিক কর্ম প্রবাহ (dedicated to Poet Giasuddin). Participants: M. Anwar Hussain Roni (Sylhet), Nazrul Kabir (NY), Saud Choudhury (NY), Dulal Bhowmick (NY).
01:00 PM to 01:50 PM: Liberation war of Bangladesh and Sylhet” Tajul Imam, Major(rtd) Maruf Rashid, Dr. Syed Main Uddin Ahmed Bir Protik, Babrul Hussain Babul,  Mukit Chowdhury.
01:55 PM: Know your NY city human right’s Law:  Rasel K. Rahman, NY city commission on human rights: Queens community service center.

Seminar Room: “Borak”

02:00 PM: Movie : A tribute to a hero "Life sketch of General Osmany " by Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury of Voice of America
03:30 PM: Movie:Mission against Drug addiction” by Dr. Arupratan Chowdhury

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Badrul Hussain Khan
Jalalabad Association of America

Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed
Jalalabad World Sylhet Convention

Jewel Chowdhury
General Secretary,
Jalalabad Association of America